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International attention for Raundalselva

The international community has become increasingly aware of the growing pressure for hydropower development in Raundalselva. To raise awareness on a global scale, several organizations have joined forces to highlight the river's conservation values, which are becoming increasingly important as the global environmental crisis worsens, and the threats increase. Join us in exploring the vital role we all play in safeguarding the planet's precious resources!

Have you been in Raundalen for recreation?

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NVE reports on flood management in Vossavassdraget


NVE report (2020) on flood management in Vossavassdraget NVE has analysed alternatives for flood protection at Voss. The report was published in 2020, and you can find the full report…

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Agreement on the floods: Raundalselva gets to run free


Raundalselva is allowed to run free, at least for a while.

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Brochure: Permanent conservation and sustainable flood management in the Vossavassdraget river system


Raundalselva has been the subject of several initiatives for hydropower development. After the submissions from the energy companies in 2016-2017, we saw a need for a new information brochure. It deals with an overall focus on how important the Vossavassdraget with Raundalselva is for residents, tourism and business in Voss.

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Million dollar store for Voss


Article in Avisa Hordaland 26 October 2016: Veko has become a million-dollar store. In 2015, Ekstremsportveko, Voss Vind and Voss Active achieved a combined turnover of almost NOK 44 million.…

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Don’t find much where construction is planned


They don’t find much, even where there are plenty of endangered species and rare natural habitats. Recently, several cases have emerged where power companies’ hired consultants have overlooked significant natural values. This often results in the developer gets to put the river in pipes.

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